[Raspberry Pi] Sending flags to MMAL / PiCam

Hi there, I recently got a very cool board for my Pi called PiCapture SD1 (by Lintest) which takes analogue composite video, s-video or RGB video inputs via the CSI port.

Happy to find that it works out the box as a Pi camera through ofxCvPiCam, though by default it launches in “mode 1” which isn’t suitable for my needs. Via the CLI I can launch it in “mode 6” (the mode that I need it to launch in) with;

raspivid -md 6

So my question is how could I go about sending these same flags through the addon / OpenFrameworks? ie.
something like

void ofxCvPiCam::setMode(int i) {

    // ???


Many thanks!

You can try with system(“raspivid -md 6”) or better ofSystem(“raspivid -md 6”) inside setMode method.