Raspberry Pi Open File Dialog

I am using a raspberry Pi to control a homemade laser cutter and everything works, the only problem is when I try to open files the open file dialog window is created underneath the OF window and has to be moved. Is it possible to bring the file dialog window to the foreground? I am using the ofSystemLoadDialog since the software was originally written to control an old plotter from a pc or mac. On a pc or mac the file dialog opens in front of the window, i dont have a linux machine to test it on. Even clicking on and moving the dialog never brings it to the foreground though it is still usable. I assume this has to do with how openframeworks creates its windows on the pi, and ideas on how to fix this?

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Are you running your OF app along side XWindows? Aka Are you launching into a desktop on your RPi?

OF on the RPi is meant to run outside of any X Windows System. It does some fancy stuff to directly interface with the GPU.


yeah it runs along side xWindows, so it seems I will have to think of a different apprach