Raspberry Pi / Arduino firmata/oF issues

So lets begin my goal; I have a pretty straight forward script in oF that communicates with the Arduinos standard firmata sketch. Compiled on my mac, ran, beautiful. Next step was the Raspberry Pi;

compiled on the Pi, ran the sketch, compiled fine, beautif…wait… nothing is happening.

So lets give a rundown of the process I took to lead me up to this point; I am aware that the RPI has a limited amount of current for its USB ports, so I have a powered USB hub in my setup. I know I had to manually check again for the correct serial port to arduino (dmesg/lsusb), and naturally I found (and what was suggested in the source code as well) to use “/dev/ttyUSB1”. This is the correct port because I also uploaded the standard firmata sketch from the Pi itself to Arduino.

I’ve ensured to clean the make file (make clean) to ensure a recompiled make file will be created for the adjustments I made. Everything compiles, (onboard pin 13 led light flickers to boot! ) , but the physical controller I am integrating (some pots, an RGB led, and an IRLED) are not functioning.

I tested this with the standard firmata sketch in oF (obviously ensuring correct pin mapping matched mine) without success either.


You might want to check out this thread: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofarduino-and-raspberry-pi/12443/0

You can test that the serial is correctly working on the Pi using minicom

sudo apt-get install minicom

minicom -b {BAUD_RATE} -o -D /dev/ttyUSB*

replace {BAUD_RATE} with your baud rate and the * with the correct virtual serial port.