Raspberry Pi and OpenTSPS

Hi, I’m working with a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and I’m trying to make it run OpenTSPS (http://opentsps.com/), an application based on OpenFrameworks. The problem is that opentsps does not have a stable version for linux so I have been fighting with it for some time. I have solved many errors and advanced quite a bit in making it work, but i have not achieved it yet.

Right now, I’m having some issues with undefined references with diferent openFrameworks and openTSPS libraries. The openTSPS forum does not have much flow of people so i thought of asking it here. The errors I’m getting are here:


I have installed libwebsockets using different tutorials but didnt make anything different. Also, I have tried to make openTSPS work in an Ubuntu virtual machine and I’m getting the same error, so probably is not a RPi exclusive error. Am i missing something or doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help

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