Raspberry Pi and AR

Hello, all!
I have a Raspberry Pi kit and I want to run an AR application on it using the Raspberry Pi camera as an input.
Can OpenFrameworks do such an application like this?
Is there any resource can help me with that?

Hi @Rana_Yehya_Mohamed,

This seem like a very hard task to achieve as AR runs on dedicated hardware to detect the surrounding elements ( tables / faces, etc…).

Best approach would be to try to map an environment using a depth sensor, and try to add elements to the 3D environment.
You can go for a kinect 1, or v2.

Also if you want to just add elements to a static feed( pi not moving), maybe just drop the kinect all together, and try to use libraries to process the video feed and add effect.

Hope this helps,

Sorry I think it’s not really possible, :frowning:
-someone else might have a better alternative solution-.