Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ 1920x1080 video player with GLwarper

Hi, I want to map a 1920x1080 video preferably via ofxGLwarper

last time I tried to do this with raspberry pi model b2 it was a bit slow,

has anyone tried something similar with the latest raspberry pi model?

Kind regards

I tried with pi 2model b v1.1 and with pi 3 model b v1.2 that I already own

pi 3 is handling 720p videos nicely with ofVideoPlayer

will pi3 b+ or A+ be able to handle 1080p with good framerate?

is there a good samaritan with pi3b+ out there to save me 40 bucks?

what is the cheapest way to do this without Pi?

just a 1080p video with GLwarper



Not sure if you are doing it already but doing:


before loading the file, video playback will become much faster. This requires openGL ES 2 though since it transfers some color conversions from the cpu to the graphics card which are only supported using that version. To set OF to use opengl es 2 you need to do in main:

int main(){
      ofGLESWindowSettings settings;
      ofRunApp(new ofApp);

Also video playback is slightly faster using ofxOMXPlayer instead of the default ofVideoPlayer and doesn’t need GLES 2 but it’s more limited in terms of scrubbing through the video and similar

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nice, I will try this over tonight I believe it’s going to be very helpful

Kind regards.

ofxOMXPlayer will do ok with 720p but 1080 is slow. I’m not sure if ofVideoPlayer has a way to disable pixels but if so that may speed it up. ofxOMXPlayer can also do pixels but is not enabled by default. I would think you would just need the texture for warping.

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I tried it , it seems a lot snappier now. Thanks.

yes, just for warping

:sleepy: it’s overheating…

I guess I ll have to buy 3 nucs

so close yet so far away…