R&D Technologist - Full Time

Position: R&D Technologist - Full Time

Euro RSCG’s MadSci Labs is looking for an R&D Technologist to design the future of interactivity. Our lab develops innovative projects both as internal demos and for clients. Candidates must have a strong programming ability in openFrameworks or Cinder. Weekly blogging required so ability communicate via video or writing is a huge asset.

MadSci is an emerging technologies laboratory within Euro RSCG’s New York office. Every day, new technologies emerge that change the way we interact with the physical and digital world. Here at the lab, we aim to discover creative uses for these technologies that extend beyond their obvious potential. We are also excited about advocating the open source and maker mentality.


  • Collaboratively brainstorm new project ideas to develop in the lab that showcase emerging technologies

  • Assist with hardware, software, and physical production on current and new projects

  • Use social media (blog, twitter, facebook) to promote the lab and the projects we’re developing

  • Research new technologies

  • Assist with management of the lab

  • Give internal workshops on tech topics

Experience with any of the following a plus
3D printing/modeling, Processing, HTML5, Javascript, WebGL, Objective C, Java for Android, Ruby on Rails/Sinatra, projection mapping, material fabrication, product design/sourcing, physical computing with Arduino, depth tracking with Kinect, stereoscopic imaging, interactive surfaces, augmented reality, magic

Interested candidates should send resume, cover letter, and favorite flavor ice cream to michael.doherty@eurorscg.com