"TV" remote control

For a potential project I need an oF application to be controlled by some kind of remote control, like changing channels on a TV. Does anyone have experience with this? So far I have found a number of commercial remotes that can control certain media server apps on a computer, and LIRC, which, with some custom hardware, can read out actual IR remotes. Ideally I would use something that was made for use with computers, with a C++ SDK.

I may be biased but my suggestion would be to use a microcontroller or a platform like the Arduino to detect infrared and send a message to the OF application via ofSerial. An IR detector really easy to wire up and send messages over Serial. LadyAda has a great tutorial on this: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/ir.html

Otherwise, depending on your machine and platform you can access IR signals using IOService objects on OSX or WinLIRC for Windows or LIRC for Linux (among other options).

Thanks for your suggestion. I had looked at using an Arduino for this. After an afternoon of searching, it seems some/most remotes that are compatible with Windows MCE plug into USB and emulate keyboard (and mouse). I think this will be much simpler to use, so will try that route first.