"save as" for making my own project from existing

Hi, Zach and everyone.

when I tried to draw a simple one with existing example, how could I “save as” all files including openframeworks files and other files in a folder as my own project. when I tried “save as” it was only saved a file where I worked on.

Altenatively, I manually copied a folder from examples. then I changed some file’s name which are main folder, Dev c++ file and a file name on the top of category, the left hand side when I turn on the Dev c++.

unfortunately, it didn’t work at all after that. it looked ok when it compiled. but it didn’t show any render window after compiling.

could you understand what I am talking about? Sorry about my poor english and knowledge. :frowning: anyway, is there any good way of saving files for my own project?


completely understand !

there should be a a readme text file in the dev-cpp folder you downloaded…

if you want to make a new project:

a) copy the folder inside of apps and paste in the same directory

ie (copy “fontsExample” and past “copy of fontsExample”)

b) rename the folder, and inside the folder, the .dev and .layout

c) open the .dev file with a text editor. change the


to whatever you are calling this project, ie


and save the .dev file

d) you might need to delete all of the compiled code. Either in dev-c++ rebuild-all, or remove all the .o code in the obj folder.

does that description make sense ?

Anyone else using dev-cpp have some advice? Maybe someone can make some screenshots of that operation for the OF website – We’d happily put them online… We could really use help documenting steps like that.

take care!

i made one, but not very good, here’s the link


Thanks all. :slight_smile:

liquid - super ! how did you make that?? that’s very nice…

I think in your animation you are missing step “c” above, that’s why when you open the new project, it still says “graphics example” when you load the my-try.dev into dev.cpp.

it’s not a crucial step, but it’s helpful if you have multiple dev-cpp projects open (so they don’t all say “graphics example”)