"drawing code" study (for Kaleido project)

Hi everyone, As part of my Master’s thesis work, I am experimenting with a simultaneously visual and textual IDE interface to help programmers who are visio-spatial thinkers code more intuitively.

For this, I need some help from the creative coding community. My first preliminary user study aims to collect idiosyncratic visual depictions of code – namely you get to illustrate your code on paper and pencil. Participants will be compensated for their time, and the user study activity can be done remotely on a flexible schedule. I think it will also be a fun experience to think about code in a different way.

Project Homepage

Preliminary Study Information
when: January 13-25, 2010
who: visual-thinkers who program
what: drawing a series of visual depictions of code; entire activity should require about 1 hour to complete, and you can do it anywhere you like
compensation: $15
how: email kaleido (at) media.mit.edu with your name and a short sentence about your programming and visual art experience

Please join, and please help me distribute the information!

Many thanks,
Agnes Chang