Quicktime VR movies


Has anybody any experience with QTVR movies?

I would like to check if it is possible to play cylindrical/espherical panoramic pictures within OF.

I’ve used a ofVideoPlayer object to open a cylindrical .mov, and one fixed frame in a certain camera position is shown correctly, but there are no methods in the wrapper to browse different pan/til/zoom. The methods nextFrame(), setPosition(), ect, have no effect in the video.

I haven’t found any information in the web about how to handle QTVR movies in a custom player. Any idea about where to start?

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Hi Eduardo !

I’m facing a similar approach and i would like to be able to play QTVR panorama’s inside OF …
Did you got any solution on how to do so ? Any ideas or where to find more info ?

Thanks !


Hi Eduardo !
I in the morning facing a similar approach along with i choose to have the capacity to experience QTVR panorama’s in …
Did you had gotten just about any sort of system in just how to obtain this task ? Any ideas or perhaps the best place to discover more information ?

it’s pretty easy to display a cubic panorama within opengl. All you need are images of the 6 faces and a cube which is textured with a TextureCubeMap constructed out of the 6 images. see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube-mapping for a start. There’s even some IOS specific code available: http://code.google.com/p/panoramagl/

As QTVRs do not work inside OpenFrameworks MoviePlayer, you’ll have to add all interaction by yourself. But the performance of an OpenGL based panoramic viewer is much better than that of the QTVR.