Quicktime component when porting to mac os x

Hi, when porting to the mac os x platform, I notice that the openframework/libs/quicktime folder is present in the windows version but not in the mac os x version. How do I use the quicktime stuff in mac os x??


mac os x already has the quicktime libraries in the operating system so you don’t need them in the libs forlder but you can still use them

Suppose I have already link to the quicktime component in the windows code. If I am too port over to mac, am I suppose to rewrite that portion of my code to use the mac inbuilt libs instead?


No, OF is so awesome that you don’t need to rewrite code :smiley:

suppose my code in windows includes the following files

#include <QTML.h>  
#include <QuickTimeComponents.h>  

when compiling in mac os x, it couldn’t compile because there is no quicktime component included with OF. How would I then go about porting my code?


Oh, so you didn’t use the ofVideoPlayer class? Anyway the Quicktime framework it’s included on the Xcode project. For example when you open the Xcode empty example you get the following structure


in libs you will find the Quicktime framework, the path is libs/core/core frameworks/Quicktime.framework, so the framework it’s included

I tried the following on the testApp.h

#include <Quicktime/QTML.h>  
#include <Quicktime/QuickTimeComponents.h>  

And there was no problem. On the ofQtUtils, OF, already includes <Quicktime/Quicktime.h>.

Summarizing, you don’t have to include anything as OF already does that for you on ofQtUtils.h