quick pointer question.

hi, im writing a wrapper for ofxOscReceiver, so that i can pass the memory location of a float into it and it can update that values for me automatically.

class OscReceiver  
	void addInput( string inputName, float *value );  
oscRcvr.addInput( "/1/fader0", &someFloatValue );  

up to here is all good.
ive got the pointer to the float memory location and now i create an OscReceiverInput object that looks like this, and store the pointer as valueFloat.

class OscReceiverInput  
	string	inputName;  
	float		*valueFloat;  

say the value im getting back from Osc is 0.2,
neither of these work.

oscRcvrInput.valueFloat = 2.0f;  
oscRcvrInput->valueFloat = 2.0f;  

any idea how i can set this value?


love it when you answer your own question a minute later… :slight_smile:

*(oscRcvrInput.valueFloat) = 2.0f;