Questions about loading presets

hello~! i’m new to OF and trying to learn some basics, and i’m having some issues loading the preset i saved before.

here is my code in the key events functions.
// --------------------------
if ( key == ‘s’ ) {
ofFileDialogResult res;
res = ofSystemSaveDialog( “preset.xml”, “Saving Preset”);
if ( res.bSuccess ) gui.saveToFile( res.filePath );
if ( key == ‘l’ ) {
ofFileDialogResult res;
res = ofSystemLoadDialog( “Loading Preset” );
if ( res.bSuccess ) gui.loadFromFile( res.filePath );
// --------------------

in this case, My preset is saved properly in the data folder so that i can open the xml and read the values, which i guess the save part works. but when i try to load that by pressing key ‘l’, it allows me to choose the file through a dialog and nothing happens but my OF freezes. Need some help with that.
'm using Mac, and Xcode 6.4 with of 0.8.4.

thanks you

hey having the same issue did you found a work around or something??