Questions about 0.10 and nightly builds

Hi everyone!

I’m about to start a new project in openFrameworks with some friends, and I had a few questions before we threw ourselves into it :wink:

First of all, is there a projected release date for 0.10? I don’t need an exact date, but is it coming soonish? End of yearish? I understand if that is impossible to estimate^^

Also, has anyone done projects, works, exhibitions, … using nightly builds or the master branch versions of openframworks? How harder was it to use than offical releases? Did it break often? Did you use it for specific features,or just for the fun of it?

I ask about the nightly, because some addons we are considering are built against the master branch of openframeworks (for example they use ofJson etc), so we are wondering if it’s worth the (potentially) extra effort, and mental breakdowns caused by nightly building code (if it happens^^).

Any feedback and experiences is welcome!

No not so difficult.
I saw some of active oF developers(oF gods) are using latest master branch for own realtime audiovisual project and it was running well. You can just try and ask here when you get stacked.

One thing easy to confuse is, if you download oF Github code, it does not include project files.
You need to get project generator app from release version. Nightly build includes project generator.

About 0.10, you can check milestones(progress) from here.

0.10 should be released in a month or two so the nightly builds are pretty stable right now. there’s a major issue that you should take into account: ofxKinect is not working right now on visual studio but you should be able to get the one in 0.9.8 and just use that if you need. apart from that i think everything else should work without problem and there won’t be any breaking changes from here till the release

Thank you both for your answers!
And great news about 0.10!

We weren’t going to use ofxKinect so that’'s fine with us^^

I saw that oF was moving to glm for 3D graphics, are there more big changes like this coming up in 0.10?