Question about xcode -64 to 32 bits

Hi, im trying to use the supercollider addon for openframework, but i have a problem with Xcode.

I have mountain lion , but i can only compile 32-bit apps , when i try to compile 64 bits i get error.

When i open the ofxsupercollider example it is by defaul on 64 bits.

My Mac 64-bit

my question is:

how can i change from 64-bit to 32-bit?

When i click on “My Mac 64-bit” theres no option for changing to 32-bit, how can i do this?

thanks in advance.


Currently openframeworks is not supported on osx 64 bit

Yes, but how can i change from 64 bits to 32 bits in openframeworks?

hey adam,

you can change the 64bit back to 32bit with two ways,

a) open an empty example that works in 32bit copy your code, link the addons, done.


b) go to your buid Settings and change architectures and baseSDK etc

the reason why this happens is because the addon was created in an older mac os so… since xcode can’t find that os it goes to your machine defaults… (64)

I recommend doing solution a)