Question about how to map 2d puppet to skeleton

I have a question about how to map 2d puppet to a skeleton.
So far I have managed to track the skeleton, put images on the joint, however, the problem I am having is, for example, once the head is turning in an angle, the image that map to the head joint would not turning.
I am wondering is how to map the joint with the image?

I am using openNI tracking skeleton…

Many thanks

I did this recently by calculating the angles of each joint with atan2 then rotating the images by the angles.

Hi csw,
Would you mind explain it more detail? sorry I am from a fine art background really bad at understanding math sometimes… or if you have a spare file that you can share to help me understand it.
Because I am kind of thinking the same thing… I am trying to use ofxCV to draw the image then using the rotate function, since it comes with angle and rotation point (ofxCvImage::rotate(float angle, float centerX, float centerY) ). I may set the rotating point as neck then angle would be the rotation angle of the head… would this make sense to you?


Have a look at this, hopefully it will help.

Thanks for the link, it kind of helpful, I had a quick try tonight, but somehow when I get the angle of the head then implementing into the image, the image keeps rotating in the angle… instead of matching the head move… I think it’s because it is in the draw loop keep rotating in the angle… but not sure how to fix it…