query - open framework for mac g4 laptop

i’m new to the forum and openframeworks. can anyone tell me which version of openframeworks i should download to get started on a Mac G4 laptop OSX 10.5.6? sorry if this is a very basic question (and may also be posted incorrectly). i am an artist and not very technical with no knowledge of codebases and finding the download options for mac confusing. should i download preRelease 0.03? or preRelease 0.02? or preRelease 0.01?



try 0.05. your biggest problem might be the libs… but perhaps they are compiled as universal binaries anyway.

(ps, i thought OSX10.5 couldn’t work on G4’s?)

All my macs are G4s and every version of openframeworks works just great on them. Damian you are thinking of SNOW Leopard!