Quase-Cinema VJ software

Here’s how the Quase-Cinema VJ software C++ / OF version is coming along (work in progress).


that is REALLY impressive!!!

nice. looks pretty damn sweet!

... my VJ software would be one ginormous blink slider.

The version 2 of the Quase-Cinema VJ software - done in C++/OF is now available for download.

It’s the result of 6 months of work. It’s a living project, so it should evolve soon.

Thanks Zach, Chris, Theo and Arturo for making OF and other friends (Chris Sugrue, Damian, Stiwi) for helping me out!

Mac OS X (10.5 Intel) and Windows (XP and Vista) versions are online and Linux is on the way. The application and source code are been released.


All the best,

Alexandre Rangel - VJ Xorume

All you guys invited:


looks great! gonna check it out

Quase-Cinema 2 interface videos:

English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkr2p1GhqOc&fmt=22

Portuguese: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uSzHB6hT0g&fmt=22

wonderful app,
esta bien chida me gusto mucho.

Aser from Mexico

Version 2.2009.07.06 is online with bug fixes and performance speedup. :smiley:

Version 2.2009.07.10 is out for Mac (now 10.4 also) and Windows.


Quase-Cinema @ CNN network

(audio in Spanish)

Released today the version 2.2009.12.20 of the visual performance software Quase-Cinema.
The great news is the the Light Paint feature, which enables to draw on the air with light emitting objects.
The Light Paint module was developed by Alexandre Rangel during a Quase-Cinema workshop on Aalborg (Denmark), on invitation by the Tossestreger colective.
Details about the Light Paint module: http://www.quasecinema.org/LightPaint

Release for Mac OS 10.4 (and above) Intel and Windows.

The light paint interface:

Light painting with the Tossestreger colective:

Quase-Cinema Light Paint demo on Museu Nacional de Brasília.
Development: Alexandre Rangel, Performance: Tiago Botelho, Soundtrack: Komka, Photography: Arthur Cordeiro and Simon Andersen.

Performance + talk (in Portuguese):

Just the performance:

Released the beta version of the Quase-Cinema VJ software for Linux 64 (tested on Ubuntu 64 9.10).

great work! haven’t had time to test properly yet, but so far i can say that it starts correctly (ubuntu64 10.04). :slight_smile:

One question: Did you make any changes/bugfixes/enhancements of the ofxGui library when you were coding this project? I see that the sources packaged with quasecinema have version 0.10. Which version did you base it on (where from)?
(I’m asking because I have just started working with it, and would like to use the current/latest/best version to begin with, see also http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/gui-wish-list/461/108)

Hi bilderbuchi,

on Quase-Cinema 2, I used the version from stwi’s alphakanal.de (unmodified).