Quantum space - installation

Quantum Space. Interactive video room/installation, made by Kuflex http://kuflex.com

Installed at Life Zone exhibition at M’ARS Gallery, Moscow, 26.02.15 - 15.04.15
Entering this room you are disintegrating into quantums of light and communicating with universe.
This is a digital meditation. Walls in this room are full covered by interactive projections.
Abstract visualizations generated realtime from all movements of participants and from some automated parameters.

Tech details:
3 computers, 6 projectors, 6 depth cameras Asus Xtion.

Tracker and Render modules are written on openFrameworks.
Each computer runs its own Tracker and Render modules, uses two depth cameras and two projectors and so controls one wall.
When a particle flying away from one wall, the signal about it is sent to another wall via OSC, and so this particle appears on the next wall in the corresponding position. In this way we get an illusion of one interactive space spanned on three walls.

Automation of all parameters and presets was made with Max6. Presets are switched randomly, and parameters are sent to Renders via OSC.


Thanks for sharing, this looks amazing !

Did you have to take into account network latency to have the particles going from one wall to another is a smooth motion or because of the geometry of your space you didn’t have to have a really tight synchronization ?

Really inspiring project :slight_smile:


Considering networking, we use two things that help to remove possible latency:

  1. Networking construction: is 1Gbit, wired networking - it works faster than Wi Fi.
  2. OSC receiver: OSC receiver work in a separate thread (in ofThread).
    We are sending particles (which became out of screen) at each ofApp::update(),
    and almost all of them (~95-99%) reach target receiver! Some loss of particles is not crucial in this project; the OSC send-receive code is a quite trivial and works well!

As a result, there is no notable latency between screens.

Oh, I will publish soon a simple code for transmitting particles between two applications.
(We used this code for checking networking.)


Hello, will you also share the “Transfer Particles” code? thank you very much

He is just sending through OSC. probably a bundled message with all the relevant data of the particles. It shouldnt be hard to code. start by taking a look into the OSC example in examples/communication/