Quadrilateral Interpolation

Keystone in 2d space, projection calibrate before and after

Base on this link, i can implement 2d projection calibrate to arbitrary quadrilaterals

projective Interpolation in 3d space is a little more complicate, i need to calculate 2 lines intersection point, but works

my code https://github.com/Geistyp/Projective-Interpolation-to-Quadrilateral

Any idea to increase the performance to this? Calculation is complex, although we can do this once if quadrilateral not change, but if quadrilateral is dynamic change, this will cost a lot.

@arturo Can we change TexCoord from ofVec2f to ofVec3f in ofVbo, this method need vec3 texcoord. right now I need to allocate VBO and VAO myself.

yes we’ve though about doing this at some point, even ofVec4f. it would be nice to find a way to do this in a way that doesn’t break anything but shouldn’t be so hard