Quad Warping with ofxSimpleGuiToo

Hi all,

How do I Quad Warp with ofxSimpleGUI?

I see this:
ofxSimpleGuiQuadWarp & addQuadWarper (std::string name, ofBaseDraws &baseDraw, ofPoint *pts)

I’ve got as far as:

gui.addQuadWarper(“My Quad Warper”,

what do I pass for the baseDraw and points?

Thanks in advance!


Hi 5cameron,

not sure how helpful this will be to you, but i have a simple addon that performs quadwarping on opencv images. It wraps the quadwarping functionality of the ofxOpenCv addon and adds draggable points, and load/save.
its called ofxCvEasyWarper, you can get it here ruicode.googlecode.com



maybe you want to have a look at this:


a little late but this is how to use it:

in your .h

ofPoint             warpPoints[4];  

in setup:

//depends on picture size  
    warpPoints[0].x = 0;  
    warpPoints[0].y = 0;  
    warpPoints[1].x = 320;  
    warpPoints[1].y = 0;  
    warpPoints[2].x = 320;  
    warpPoints[2].y = 240;  
    warpPoints[3].x = 0;  
    warpPoints[3].y = 240;  
gui.addQuadWarper("Warp", colorImg, warpPoints);  

hope this helps