Quad Mesh Warp

We released the image warp code that was used in the Interactive-Wall-of-Spirituality project (direct vimeo: http://vimeo.com/13205055. We used 4 projectors to display a 23’x8’ image. Each panel could be manipulated by warping code to correct curve distortion.

Download code here: http://code.google.com/p/willescode

When a panel is activated, you can modify the points along the mesh for warping. Mesh warp coordinates are saved into 4 separate XML files. Look at the imageSplitter.cpp file for keyboard commands.

Ben-Norskov wrote the majority of the code and the FBO addon was used from this site. You will need to find the appropriate addon dependencies and build (which can be tricky, view README files for more info). I tested this out yesterday on the PC and it worked great. When we used it for the event, it worked without a problem.

I wish we could make this source code more user friendly but I think you all can make it work if you need to. This is the last of the open source files from the Interactive-Wall-of-Spirituality project.

Moving forward, it would be nice to

  1. integrate edge-blending,
  2. make it easy to define number of projectors and meshes,
  3. luminance control per projector.
  4. and make it easier to setup.

Anybody want to work on this?


Has anyone else got this working?

I can get it to compile fine but the screen is blank. Like memo here http://www.openframeworks.cc/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=371&start=30

I have used the updated ofxFBOTexture but im still stumped…

OF 061 xcode here


Are you testing with the original testApp implementation file that comes with the download? The openGL calls in the draw method are really important and if you don’t put it in the right sequence you’ll have a blank screen. Also are you on a mac or pc? I haven’t tested it on a mac and would recommend that you compile on a pc… We ended up going with a PC because the mac has lousy graphics cards support for multi-card display setups (no SLI bridging support).