QTKit replacements for OS X video capture and playback

hi all,

I want to suggest an update to the openFrameworks video player and grabber that takes the QTKit addons into the core. I need some help testing

I’ve prototyped a version of OF with the changes:

  1. people who have intensive or unique video capture or playback apps using ofVideoPlayer or ofVideoGrabber, test to see if your app still works on this version.

  2. someone on 10.8, test that this does indeed work on that OS under 10.7 (solving the need to install the 10.6 SDK manually for those that upgrade)

To compile you’ll need to add the CoreVideo and QTKit frameworks to your projects. otherwise it should be totally transparent replacement to the ofQuicktimePlayer and ofQuicktimeGrabber


just tested videograbber and videoexample with Xcode 4.4 and 10.8
all good! great work!

both the 10.8 SDK (default) and 10.7 SDKs worked for me

Unzipped and compiled without a hitch on 10.8. Nice.

Thanks for this. It is a welcome respite from Apple’s recent war on sanity. I miss Leopard. :slight_smile: