qtCreator, windows 10, Error while building/deploying project when executing step "Qbs Build"

Switching machines and trying to get oF working on windows using qtcreator 4.6.1 – noob with the ide, but followed the steps a couple times (uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, etc) and just keep getting this error:

building openFrameworks library
compiling ofxSliderGroup.cpp
compiling ofxGuiGroup.cpp
compiling ofApp.cpp
Process launcher closed unexpectedly: Unknown error
Error while building/deploying project app11 (kit: Desktop)
When executing step "Qbs Build"
12:51:54: Elapsed time: 00:01.

seems I get through some steps in the instructions fine:

Seems to see the files:

tried it with an example project, same error:


any clues?