QTCreator: Value " is not allowed for property 'cxxStandardLibrary'

I’m not sure what causes this error. This happens upon generating a new project before I’ve even coded a single thing. What would be the solution to this error?

This is apparently an error in both the ofApp.qbs and the openFrameworks.qbs files within the openFrameworksCompiled\project\qtcreator folder.

Thanks for any help!

I think in the ofApp.qbs ( if you edible click the error it should take you there ) you could try setting:
cpp.cxxStandardLibrary: to "libc++"

Or edit this file and change this line to:


coreCxxStandardLibrary: "libc++"

If you are building with the msvc compiler this value might be different.

Probably should of included this, but this is the line it points me to in the error

Thats the only place coreCxxStandardLibrary is mentioned in the entire file (for both the openFrameworks.qbs file and the ofApp.qbs file)