Qtcreator setup problems

i’m trying to setup OF with qtcreator(3.5.1) on elementary os loki (64-bit).
i followed the install instructions and all the scripts ran without errors.

when i now want to check out some examples i get the following errors:
WARNING: Plugin path ‘/usr/lib//qbs/plugins’ does not exist.
WARNING: Search path ‘/usr/share/qbs’ does not exist.

and yes, the path does not exist.
i just don’t know how to fix this, because i’m a noob :wink:

any help would be appreciated!
thank you!!


Could you try with 4.1 or 4.2
On Debian (Jessie) 4.2 throws a lot of warnings about the provided .qbs file but works, 4.1 was not complaining

Thank you!
Now it works. I mixed up the QT version with the QtCreator version.
I should have read the instructions more carefully…

You’re welcome.