QtCreator - ofxCv


I try to compile opencv example-background in OF-9.7, under Debian Jessie,
but QtCreator can’t find ofxCv header:

ofxCv/Tracker.h: No such file or directory
ofxCv/Utilities.h: No such file or directory
The following products could not be built for configuration qtc_Desktop_b7275af5-debug:

I’ve tryed to add paths in .qbs file:

of.includePaths: [ '/usr/local/OF-9.7/addons/ofcCv'

…then, it ask another header:

ofxCv/Wrappers.h: No such file or directory

Does the ProjectGenerator could have link problems,
i shouldn’t have to precise addon path, isn’t it ?

i have to precise path in config.make:

PROJECT_CFLAGS = -I/../../../addons/ofxCv

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