Qtcreator / OF version issue

Hi there,

After a successfull Linux and qtcreator installation

my first creator project gives that error :
“Warning : this file is not part of any project. The code model might have issues to parse this file properly”

I guess it has something to do with OF / qtcreator version.

Here’s my setup
Linux mint 19.1 Tessa
last OF for Linux gcc6 from here: https://openframeworks.cc/download/
QT creator 4.6.1 as said here : https://openframeworks.cc/setup/qtcreator/

Everything seems weel installed.
What can I do ?

Can you click on the myNewApps.qbs:8 at the top ?
Does it show any errors highlighted in the project file?

I assume you installed the Wizard with scripts/qtcreator/install_template.sh and used the wizard to make the project?

Hi Theo,

Yes, the myNewApps.qbs:8 has an error at line 11
ofApp { etc.
I guess myNewApps folders with sources and openFrameworks folders don’t exist for qt.

I don’t know how to link things since I’ve installed qt regularly with scripts/qtcreator/install_template.sh

However I don’t know what is the wizard you’re talking about. Is it the the Project Generator?
I’ve installed it but when I launch projectGenerator in the terminal I get an [error] No arguments
with a lot of instructions I can’t manage with.


From your last screen shot it looks like it should build and run fine.

Hit the hammer icon on the bottom left.
Then once that is done hit the Green arrow ( third icon from the bottom ).

You can click on the bottom bar where it has the numbers 1 2 3 4 etc to see the build results, console etc.

Not authorized to compile.
it seems that libmpg123 missed the packg configuration search path.
How do set this ? Why the source code & of folders are greyed?
Do I’m wrong thinking about a link issue between parts?

did you run the script :

<of_path>/scripts/linux/ubuntu/install_codecs.sh ?

Just to complete this thread, I was installing of_v20200227_linux64gcc6_release, one of the last nightly, and I was having the same issue reported here, with qtcreator 4.6.1 the folders icons are grayed out.

Running the script install_codecs.sh fixed it.