QtCreator: OF template is missing

Hi there, I’m painfully new to OF and I’m trying to get Qt Creator set up. I installed it from Ubuntu Software Center, and then I sudo ran the install_templates.sh as the tutorial said. But when I try to create a new OF project I don’t see the openFrameworks option under the Projects menu. I tried copying the template folders that came with OF into QtCreator’s template folder, but still nothing.

I did notice that before copying manually the folders I had Plain C (Ubuntu CMake Build) and Plain C (Qbs Build) projects under Non-Qt Projects, and now show up duplicated.

I’ll appreciate any clue.

My first guess would be the version of your QtCreator. In the setup guide it is recommended to download QtCreator from their page directly instead of using the version shipped with your distribution (which is probably outdated).

The guide recommends version 3.5.1

Which version are you running?

Best reinstall QtCreator and stick with the guide.


I am having this exact same problem. I have however installed straight from the qtcreator website rather than ubuntu software centre.

I have installed the dependencies, codecs and compiled OF fine, but when I try to install the template for qt using the script provided nothing shows up like it should (even though i get no errors returned in the terminal).

I had this working fine on the Kali Lite Distro and decided to change to Ubuntu to make life simpler!! I’m surprised this doesn’t just work??? Any ideas?



i think they updated qt creator to 3.6 just today so something might have changed and broken the templates, can you try to install 3.5.1 instead? i’ll check the new release tomorrow

Hi arturo,

I just checked it out and turns out that when I used qt’s online installer it automatically gave me the 3.6 pre-release. I’m downloading 3.5.1 now via offline installer and will post to this thread once I try it out.


i’ve just tried 3.6 and it’s working fine for me in ubuntu so it might be something else

Hmmm, it must be something else? I just installed 3.5.1 and still get nothing!

When I run the script to install template in terminal it bounces back immediately to the next line almost like it does nothing, although I’m getting no errors?

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I tried just dragging the wizards in the OF qt templates folder over into the wizards folder in qt and it works fine. Not sure what was stopping it before but glad it works now!