QTCreator: New project has "product had error" messages before I start coding

I get these errors in the issues tab before I even begin to code. How would I fix these up so I can start coding?
Using QT Creator 8.0.1
(sorry if this is a rookie question, I’m a rookie)

Additionally yesterday, it gave me this error that no longer appears despite me not doing anything to fix it?

Thanks for any help!

I fixed the issues in the previous posts, however I now have a bunch more. These are all just from the files that the project default generates. What am I doing wrong?

(Using QTCreator 8.0.1)

Hi @Chubbulus!

Apologies for the issues.
Did you follow the QT Creator setup guide?

Also is this with the 0.11.2 OF release or the nightly builds ( at the bottom of the download page )?

If you are using 0.11.2 it might be good to try the nightly builds.


Hi, thanks for the response.
I’m kinda lost right now. We were provided a setup guide by our University tutor that was supposed to get this all set up, but everyone runs into similar issues that I’m having when they follow it, so its safe to assume that the setup guide is either outdated or wrong.

I believe I downloaded it from here on this page download | openFrameworks

I have reinstalled using that guide, but I am still a bit lost.
The guide states:
“To use QtCreator with msys2 go to Tools > Options > Build and Run > Compilers and check that you have a MinGW compiler pointing to your msys2 install.”

This states to go to “Tools > Options”, however my QTCreator (version 8.0.1) lacks this Options menu

Hey, it appears to be working now! Thanks!
I only have these 2 errors left (the same error from 2 files). Do you know how to fix these up?

This is apparently an error in both ofApp.qbs and openFrameworks.qbs files within the openFrameworksCompiled\project\qtcreator folder.