Qtcreator : msys2root detection failure

can someone help me with this issue : https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/6333

or can some one guide me through set path directly in openframeworks QT plugin , as i set paths multiple times but no success always getting same error

> warning: error : your PATH is incorrect. Please make sure that {MSYS2ROOT}\mingw32\bin;{MSYS2ROOT}\usr\bin is at the beginning of your PATH
warning: Product 'app2' had errors and was disabled.
warning: Error while handling product 'openFrameworks':
 warning: Product 'openFrameworks' had errors and was disabled.

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There should be some extra logs in the ‘general messages’ panel (or equivalent) that should tell you the PATH QT is using.
I found out that QT may be forcing it’s own value of PATH.
Could you post these ?

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the general messages tab is blank only the issues tab have 6 messages

issues tab

The message is thrown because :

  • %MSYS2ROOT%\mingw32\bin doesn’t appear in PATH
  • %MSYS2ROOT%\usr\bin doesn’t appear in PATH
  • %MSYS2ROOT%\mingw32\bin appears after %MSYS2ROOT%\usr\bin in PATH

Could you try this simble qbs file (replace N:\openFrameworks as required)

import "N:/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/qtcreator/modules/of/helpers.js" as Helpers

    property string of_root: 'N:/openFrameworks'
    property string msys2_root: {
        console.error("MSYSROOT =" +Helpers.msys2root() );
        return Helpers.msys2root();

and post the result ?

am new to openframeworks its my first time not familier with it , can you tell me where to put you code so that i can run it
these gbs files already have code in them


Just replace your the test2.qbs file with the provided content (Save test2.qbs to revert after the test !!)

hmmmm i did but when i save it openframeworks folders disappear on top left , and not print to console

This is normal. The objective of this qbs was to have the PATH printed in the issues.
And from what I can see it is incorrect.
%MSYS2ROOT% should have been replaced by the value defined in the MSYS2ROOT environment variable.
Looking back at the issue in GitHub and the screenshots :

  • You shoud define MSYS2ROOT not %MSYS2ROOT%
  • You should not have curly braces {} around %MSYS2ROOT% in your PATH definition. It should be %MSYS2ROOT%\mingw32\bin; instead of {%MSYS2ROOT%}\mingw32\bin

Explanation : in Windows the %VAR% syntax is used to expand the variable to its current value.

PATH = %MSYS2ROOT%\mingw32\bin; %MSYS2ROOT%\usr\bin; 

will expand to

PATH = c:\msys64\mingw32\bin; c:\msys64\usr\bin; 

hmmmm ya i had removed braces in 2nd screen shot on github issue page i shared

its bit strange why its not working

let me try : c:\msys64\mingw32\bin; and c:\msys64\usr\bin; directly to see if it work or not

hmmm no success :frowning: any idea to over write this path in code of openframework

currently system paths variables :

and QT ide output

i did test it in cmd they are resolving there correctly

sorry hide my pc name as recently some vulnerabilities discovered in windows RDC

This is really a PATH problem, not an openFrameworks problem.
May be there is a conflicting software.

in a windows command prompt (type cmd in windows search):

where find

should return


If we have something else we may have a conflict (may be with your GnuWin32installation ?)
I’ll try to write a minimal small batch file to start QtCreator with the correct path.

hmmmm where find command in cmd return

C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\find.exe

should i remove git

I think Git is useful…
You can try to save the following in a batch file (testQTOF.bat)


set MSYS2ROOT=c:\msys64
set PATH=%MSYS2ROOT%\mingw32\bin;%MSYS2ROOT%\usr\bin;c:\windows\system32;c:\windows

set CREATOR=C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator

That should launch QtCreator with a minimal PATH

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ya thanks :slight_smile: it worked

i have one Question , i have QT widgets application so am wondering can i used openframeworks libs in that widges app or not , i would like to use Serial and Ardunio libs of openframeowrks in it

Cool glad it worked. Adapt the PATH as needed.
Could you change the title of the issue you’ve opened to something like “Qtcreator : msys2root detection failure”

Not sure about this one.
May this this post may help.

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