QtCreator getting started

Hey all

I’m trying to get started with oF + Qt Creator on Windows / msys2

When I open the emptyExample I see like this:

In Options I have these kits:

I installed QtCreator from within msys2 in order to get the automatic settings for msys2 setup (the instruction on the oF website are outdated).

Does anybody have any tips for what to try next?

Thank you

It was a pain to get qtcreator to work but I managed it. It was quite frustrating that docs were outdated, or are downright only made for xcode or visualstudio… in any case, you should create a new project from template, then choose existing openframeworks application (or something of that wording).

If done that way it will parse the qbs and other files correctly. Do note that I always need to add the addons separately still in the qbs file.

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