qtCreator eating tons of memory

Hello, I’m writing an OF application and sometimes QT creator get unresponsive, and shortly after all the desktop applications start to freeze. This normally happens when I make an error and the code analyzer starts to prepare the error message. Or at least, this I think it is what is happening because this problem pops out when I add new files to the project or when I make an error, before pressing the button “build”. If I close qtCreator, the memory consumption remains high for ~ 1 minute. I’m using 5 addons and I have around 20 classes in my application. But this still does not justify this behaviour.
I’ve the ClangCodeModel plugin enabled, and by default others plugin were enabled. Which plugins are you using usually?
I need code completion and nice error messages are also useful, but I do not want to wait 2 minutes for clang.
@hamoid, maybe you can share your settings?

As you see, by default a lot of plugins are enabled

It looks like disabling the “ClangStaticAnalyzer” and “Valgrind” fixed the problem. Let’s see how long it last :wink:

I was having big issues with RAM and freezing. I asked in this forum, in Qt’s forum, in ArchLinux’s forum.

I haven’t had any more issues in at least one month. This is what I did:

  1. Have enough swap. Before it was disabled, now it’s at 5 Gb.
  2. Always display the available ram and swap in my i3 status bar so I can keep an eye on the RAM situation. If it would go too low I can close QtCreator, get all the RAM back, and start again.
  3. As recommended by Arturo, I set the number of compilation threads to 1. But I just checked and it’s back at 4! I think every time I update QtCreator it gets reset to 4. But another surprise was that I just compiled my project and the RAM only went down from 88% to 80%, and then back to 87% once it was compiled (out of 16Gb). I suspect there’s something that goes wrong after working on a project for several hours. The RAM keeps going down until 0% and then it starts using swap. But as I mentioned, close + open solves it.

Here’s my list of enabled plugins:

Currently on QtCreator 4.5.1 and clang 5.0.1

If you disable those two plugins, do you get code completion?