QtCreator caching too much

I’m using the current master and the qtCreator 4.4.1
When changing the draw method of my application, the changes are not immediately reflected in the next build. I have to clean the build and run it again. Is there some settings that I’m missing in the configuration of qtCreator?

It looks like this was happening when I have ~15 projects opened. Restarting qtCreator and opening just one project fixed the problem.

Nope, the problem persists and I think it is related just to fbo.

this is my code:

void ofApp::setup(){
    fbo.allocate(1280, 720, GL_RGBA);
    ofClear(255,255,255, 0);

void ofApp::update(){

void ofApp::draw(){

changing the update method to

void ofApp::update(){
    // do nothing

Does not have any effect. I was thinking that maybe it was due to the fact that the fbo is not “cleaned”. But I’m resetting the color in the setup method.
Any idea of what this could be?

It has nothing to do with fbo. Even drawing a plane primitive, changing the resolution of the plane from
in the setup method does not affect the build

I can only say I haven’t seen this issue in about 2 years of using QtCreator. I’m now on 4.5.1. Which compiler do you use? I’ve used mostly clang (not sure if that can be related).

I’m using clang too.

So to understand the issue: sometimes you make changes to your program and you can see the changes when running the program, but other times the compiled program stops showing any changes? In this second case, does it take any time to compile? Or it just runs the previously compiled version? Which OS?

Exactly the second case. it takes some times to compile and in the “Compile output” tab there is the name (and only the name) of the class that I have edited. I’m on Linux. The thing is that I can not reproduce it anymore, this morning everything is working normally. I will write here if it happens again.

usually this type of problem occurs when the system time is not set correctly.

I never use qtcreator ide or clang compiler,
but if this combo it behaves like makefile it can actually not recompile
all files that are in the future compared to the system time.