Qtcreator builds project in myApps/bin instead of myApps/<projectFolder>/bin/

This is OF 0.9.1 so, please let me know if this is fixed in 0.9.3.

It appears when I create a new project, the default build directory is in …/myApps/bin instead of the more appropriate …/myApps//debug/ and …/myApps//release/ .

This is inconvenient because when I create a new project I cannot build it before deleting the folder …/myApps/bin/

I have to manually change the build dir in the project options for every new project in QtCreator. Is there a way to have the build dir by deduced based on the project directory?

what platform is this

@arturo linux ubuntu studio 14.04

if you create a project in openFrameworks/apps/myApps/myProject the binary should end up in openFrameworks/apps/myApps/myProject/bin

the obj is created by default in qtcreator in openFrameworks/apps/myApps/myProject_build or something like that but you can change it to openFrameworks/apps/myApps/myProject/obj in the tools > options > build & run > Default build directory

@arturo indeed (I was refering about the obj as well)
It just seems to polute the myAppz/ folder. in codeblocks it has always been under myApps//

thank you anyway!

yes, as i said you can change that from: tools > options > build & run > Default build directory

great tip!

i managed to “fix” that also selecting
projects directory -> current directory
and under default build directory
./%{JS: Util.asciify("build-%{CurrentProject:Name}-%{CurrentKit:FileSystemName}-%{CurrentBuild:Name}")}
instead of
../%{JS: Util.asciify("build-%{CurrentProject:Name}-%{CurrentKit:FileSystemName}-%{CurrentBuild:Name}")} so it creates the build folders in the project’s folder

:slight_smile: first post in the forum after ten years