qtCreator adding addons to new project

Hello, I’m using Qt Creator 4.4.1 on Linux, with the last version of OF master (584b5719de24565cfed7e148b374a131f4e67498). When creating a new project, not all the addons show up in the wizard. This should not be a problem, because as showed in this video, https://vimeo.com/142272907, it should be possible to add an addon editing the .qbs file. I’ve tried to

        of.addons: [

But it did not worked. I’ve thought that, maybe, it is something related to the addon, so I’ve tried to use an official one, like the ofxKinect, but it does not work neither.

This is what I see in my navigation menu

Does it help if you right click on the project testPcl [master] and choose reparse qbs?

If I remember right @inx mentioned that he activated Force probes in the project settings inside Build Steps. I never did that, but maybe it’s required for you?

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Hello @hamoid, sorry for the late answer. I was away from the PC for some days and I could not test your solution.
I’ve tried, Force probes in the build settings.

After checking that box, the addons are correctly added and removed. Thanks!

The problem persists with the ofxPointCloud addon, but I suppose it is related to that addon because it works smoothly with the official ones.

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