QtCreator 7.0 works fine with openFrameworks

Since Qt creator | openFrameworks still suggests using Qt Creator 4.6.1, I just wanted to mention that version 7.0 seems to work fine. Also using the “new project” option to create and run a new project.

One thing small issue is that the first time I try run a project every day it complains about not finding the produced executable. I just hit run again and it works. This is both with Qt Creator versions 4.x and 7.x. No big deal.

One reason to switch to version 7 is that it has multi cursor editing. So you can alt-drag with your mouse vertically for block editing (this was already possible) but then you can hit the End key, Left a few times and start adding a new parameter to every line, even if they have different lengths. Or just alt+click on a few places to add carets. Or alt+double+click to select a few words.

Feels funny to post “this works” instead of “why doesn’t this work?” XD