QtCreator 4.6.1 released with better performance

QtCreator was updated to 4.6.1 and it seems like it’s much more responsive.

The changelog shows Fixed performance issue (QTCREATORBUG-20175). Last week it was taking about 10 seconds to show autocomplete and “function args” toooltips with my laptop. Now it’s about 1 second.

After this update and pulling from master to disable GLM swizzles and enable the gold linker (linux) it takes about 7 seconds to run simple programs.

disabling glm swizzles also made things much more responsive, so not sure if that was just the problem. also it seems since 4.6 you don’t need to enable force probes any more which makes compiling even faster

Yeah, hard to know what made it better. But swizzles were there during the last two years in oF master right? And the responsiveness was sometimes better and sometimes worse. Thanks for the probes tip :slight_smile:

thanks for these improvements, it makes a real difference
compilation & autocompletion are way faster than before

I tried 4.6.0 again and it did not become slower, so improvements must be due to the recent changes only. Funny because I had not noticed them until I upgraded to 4.6.1.

Yes, thank you to everyone involved :slight_smile: