qtCreator 4.6.0 and 4.6.1 do not show the files


Hello, I have successfully installed the last OF release on different platforms in the last week. Today I wanted to install it also on a linux(ubuntu) laptop, and it did not worked. I have done the same things as usual, I have downloaded the last release, run the install script, the compile script and the install template., but i receive this message, with the folders containing the source code disabled.

I have tried different things, like downloading qt 4.6.0 (i was on qt 4.6.1), and I have created a project from qt, or imported an example, but the result is the same.

Any Idea?


Maybe it’s something else, but did you click Projects > Configure?


Yes I did it, I always add the “force probes” flag. There is a warning near the qt version, maybe that one is the error?

Also, one of the warning is the good and old: “/examples/math/noise1dExample/noise1dExample.qbs:11: warning: Profile ‘qtc_Desktop_b8ae33ee’ does not exist.”


Following the tip that @bakercp was giving to me in this post

I was able to fix the problem.

rm -rf ~/.config/QtProject

And then run the install_template.sh script again