Qt, Openframeworks & cross platform


I already have made some cool project with OF, but the “crossplatform” aspect isn’t so easy ; I need to switch between XCode and Visual Studio, get hardware input / output, write system files, etc…

What about Qt ? Is it really more simple with this IDE/framework ? An OF app embed in Qt has same performances ?

Every suggestions/experiences with Qt cross platform dev is welcome.

You can check out this addon:

It is intended to be maintained which also means that i work on it just from time to time. If you see any issues please let me know and I will try to check them out. I have been very happy with the results so far. So i hope it can help others too.

IMHO working in Qt for long term projects is by far the best choice I made. The documentation is excellent and i think nowadays it is a mature library. It also proposes good coding patterns… so I think it’s a good move for big projects, maybe not for cool looking prototypes.

oh btw. I use Visual Studio. I don’t use Qt creator. If that is what you are looking for I know that Qt creator is supposed to be supported in oF, but I prefer VS debugging tools.


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also if all you need is a regular OF application with a multiplatform IDE you don’t need to use the qt library at all just qt creator, the IDE.

the openframeworks qtcreator project is completely multiplatform, so as long as all the addons you are using are also prepared to run in all the platforms you use it should work right away.

The best supported platform for OF on qt creator atm is linux though. windows and osx can be slightly harder to setup.


Thank you for your help.

I’m going to made some tests. I already made a big project with XCode and it’s was boring to made the PC version with Visual Studio (project folder tree, manage DLL, write in system files…). Maybe just use Qt creator as IDE can help me.