Qt GUI Interface with OF/CCV

Hello to all of you, as you all know the default GUI interface using by OF/CCV is glut.

The problem now is i have coded a Qt GUI but i would to let OF manipulate the Qt Gui window.

Anyone here have success incorporate Qt to Of ?

I have created a Qt GUI window and i would like to using CCV or OF to do the following.

  1. Resize the GUI window
  2. Scale and Rotate the GUI window

3. Click event GUI window
4. Text Input

Please help.


See here:


I check that but not really understand.

Please help. I got an idea like this where testapp compose Qt gui applicationn.

testapp passes the blob data to Qt gui then repaint itself according to the touch event.


I think i need to use ofxTUIO.

Please share your idea.

Hi everybody,

Me and a colleague of mine wrote a step guide for Qt Gui + OF in VS2008:


We hope this helps.