QT Creator / Ubuntu

Hello, I just installed oF v0.11.0 on Ubuntu 20.04.1, as well as QT Creator 4.6.1.
I have gcc 9.3.0. I was able to open example files and run them but I am having an issue with new projects… It seems to build, but when I run it, a window pops up saying: “Could not find the executable, please specify one.” - so obviously, it did not build an executable… does anyone know what I can do to build my project and run it ?
Thank you !

I’ve tested OF11+Qt4.6.1 on Mint 20 (Ubuntu 20 based) a few weeks ago and I didn’t run into any issues, so it should work. Not sure which gcc I was using, but if it compiles that shouldn’t be the issue.

Are there any messages / issues in the compiler output ? In the issue navigator ?

Hi @Daan ,
You helped me figure it out by simply asking if there were any messages in the compiler output !
I looked and found the error. I then found a thread in the oF forum where @arturo mentions installing the codecs file which I had not done… It is not working perfectly well ! Thank you so much for your reply !!!