Qt could not find executable on ubuntu

after fallowing the steps from this link https://openframeworks.cc/setup/linux-install/ and https://openframeworks.cc/setup/qtcreator/

I cannot run my project because this happens…

How to fixed this?


I’ve the same error, did you solve the problem?

Hi, if you click on Projects, do you see a dialog waiting for you to click to build the project? I don’t remember the wording of that dialog, but sometimes it pops up automatically when importing a project and sometimes it stays in the Projects tab silently waiting for you.

I am receiving this message with qtcreator 4.6.1 (the recommended one on Linux) and with QtCreator 4.7.1 (version that I am using on another ubuntu machine). I have already tried to delete the ~/.config/QtCreator folder multiple times without any success.

On my ArchLinux QtCreator 4.12.4 still works fine. I haven’t updated OF in a while.

qtcreator 4.10.2 and of 0.11 on an ubuntu (18.04) based distribution works fine as well

Also here on ubuntu 18.04 recommended qt version works ok, comment that i switched to vscode as qt eats my cpu and i do not find a solution, there are some post on the forum related to qt cpu usage

I am on ubuntu 20.04. I have the same result also with qtcreator 4.12.4.
I am opening qt creator -> New -> Import existing application. Then I choose one of the examples, like “Sources/OF/of_v20200812_linux64gcc6_release/examples/computer_vision/opencvExample”. When it asks if want to override the .qbs file I click on “OK”.

The Run settings are empty. I will confront this run settings with another Linux computer that I do not have here at the moment but that it’s working.

The error message is now “error: You need to set an executable in the custom run configuration.”

The sidebar does not contains the source files.

Why are you importing? Did you tried to create new with project generator or update with the same if need¿

I have been opening examples and creating new projects from qtcreator since years and it worked.
If I update an example from the project generator, when clicking the “open in IDE” button, it opens the qbs file instead of qtcreator.

I dont say you should not opening, i was asking about importing because the dialog about overriding as i was curious.

I open and compile

I did not want to sound rude @pandereto, but my previuos post it was indeed, sorry.
As soon as I have access to the other linux box I will compare the qbs file of an example with the installation that it is working with the qbs file of an installation that it is not working and I will post the results here. Thanks for your support :wink: