python bindings for 006, OSX

hey! i just put together OSX python 2.6.3 bindings for 006 based off previous work by echo0 and tiensing. these wrap only the core (no addons). you can download the binary from here-
you must have macpython 2.6.3

this is my first attempt at creating bindings so if anyone is interested in helping make these better i can share the xcode project and the swig interface files. there were some warnings that SWIG threw while generating the wrappers- which i ignored. i haven’t tested this a lot so some of you could provide feedback. there are some examples in the folder to try out.

have fun!

awesome! it works! (os 10.6.1/ python 2.6.2)

the previous versions didn’t for me… I spent a few days trying to get it to work before, but kind of gave up hope after getting no where… thanks for making a working version!!

I would love to help with extending this, but my experience with python has been pretty limited so far…

this is great! thanks. just tried it on 10.6.5 and it worked well after some trial & error.

glad it worked for you guys. I had no idea that it worked in 10.6 too! I should probably put up the project source somewhere.

Dear iamok,

great work! It would be so nice if we could get the source for that…
I’d love to post an update on my site as well.



Hey all,

I have Python bindings for openFrameworks 0062 on OS X that I’ve just got around to releasing the source for. It should be trivial to add Linux support so hopefully I’ll get to that in the next day or two.

You can get the source code now at: Enjoy.

tiensing here you go. contains the source with notes on changes i had to make in order to build bindings for 0.06…

Thanks for the initial work you did for 0.04!

John going to check out the ones you made!


Thanks for putting this together. Works great so far! I have a few novice questions that I hope you don’t mind answering and may be helpful for other python-migrants/novices:

  1. How/where to install the python bindings so that they can be accessed from any directory. Perhaps I should look at tlensing’s blog for more information in this regard?
  2. Addons: I need to use the XML library/addon. I am currently using lxml and elementtree, but was wondering if the the ofXmlSettings would would be accessible in this (or future) bindings?

Thanks again!