Put ofVideoGrabber on ofPlanePrimitive

I haven’t been able to piece together this simple exercise: put the video grabber output on a plane.

I have a minimal example. The result is that the plane is the color of the pixel in the top-left corner of the video.

#include "ofApp.h"

void ofApp::setup(){
    plane.set(ofGetWidth() / 2, ofGetHeight() / 2);
    // nothing I put here seems to help
    plane.setResolution(200, 200);
    vg.initGrabber(ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight());

void ofApp::update(){

void ofApp::draw(){

I’m sure I’m missing something basic; but, I’ve tried many variations here. Thanks for any help.

I finally got it working. It looks like I need to do most/all of this rigamarole: Ofmesh [draw texture as one, over whole mesh]

And, then, crucially, in the main function, I changed from:

ofGLWindowSettings settings;
settings.setGLVersion(3, 2);


ofSetupOpenGL(1024, 768, OF_WINDOW);

Are there documentations for complete beginners about the different ways to boot up the window in main?