PureData + OF Inspiration

Hello everyone!

I’m a current student at University of California San Diego and am currently learning how to use Pd from the venerable Miller Puckette himself.

I am an avid user of OF for graphics work, and recently discovered the ofxPd add-on. It seems really great, and I am very excited to explore the creative potential of OF and Pd working together for my final class project.

However, I’m currently drawing a blank as to which avenue to explore for my project. With this in mind, I would much appreciate if you guys have projects or have heard of projects that you would be willing to talk about. The Pd and OF communities are amazing, and I’m sure there are some amazing projects out there.

Many thanks,

Well, what a treat. @brannondorsey is very interested in exploring this avenue as well, and we’re likely to do some experiments in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

Hi @satre, yes @mosspassion and I are looking to do some work in the next few weeks with OF + Pd and will kindly share anything that we make. I know that @danomatika, the author of ofxPd and contributor to libpd has done some great work in the area in the past. Might want to check out some of his projects.

I tend to use the ofxPD addon anytime I’m working with sound and OF. It makes a lot of things like timing much easier. I made myself a short template example a while back but maybe someone like yourself can find it useful.

openFrameworks + PD examples


Thanks for the examples, very informative.
If anyone is interested, here is my final project that I ended up doing. While I didn’t end up using OF, I had a fun time using Pd. The project allows one to use a Wiimote to perform sampling and distortion on a voice bank. It requires a wiimote to be connect with a program called Osculator.