Pulse audio fails to initialize on Pi

I can’t get audio working on Pi. I’ve tried many combinations of hardware (Pi, Pi Zero, Pi 3) on both Jessie and Stretch using 0.9.8 and the nightly builds. Al Lib (WW) always fails to initialise pulse though.

I’ve install and configured pulse, and tested with paplay over HDMI, jack and DAC but oF won’t initialize it. I’m running pulse audio with the -D flag, does it need configuring differently for oF to initialize it?

I’m going round in circles with this, any advice much appreciated.
Is there something else I should be doing to get pulse audio to work on the pi?
Is there a way to not use pulse audio? An earlier version of oF?


This seems to be the same issue as this one :

I’m still getting the AL lib (WW) error messages and this one :
[warning] ofSoundPlayer: ofSoundUpdate() not implemented on this platform
But the audio is now playing.

So, is it working now?
Having that warning only means that you dont need to call ofSoundUpdate().

Yes it is working now thanks.
I am still getting the AL Lib warnings. That other post suggest recompiling oF now that pulse audio is installed and configured should fix that.