Pugixml.lib error in VS2017 (version 15.8.4)

Hi,when I compile a project with Debug/Release X64 Mode in VS2017 (Version:15.8.4), the Debug mode could be compiled, but the Release Mode was failed. The error is fatal error C1047: The object or library file ‘pugixml.lib’ was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries. How could I solve the issue, if someone knows please leave the messages, Thank you very much.

How did you fix it? I had this problem but only with some addons.

Down load the offical lib 1.9, the link is https://pugixml.org/, compiled the version that you need, and then replace the openframeworks’ lib and include in “\libs\pugixml” files. Good luck.

Hey @wangwenfeng - how do we go about compiling 1.9 into a lib? I’ve downloaded the CMAKE gui but cannot work out how to

Hi @autr,
I was having the same problem. After downloading from the link from @wangwenfeng, open the vs-2017 project at pugixml-1.9/scripts/pugixml_vs2017_static.vcxproj.
Change the Runtime Library in the project properties / C/C++ / Code Generation to Multi-threaded DLL (/MD).
Build the solution.
In the Windows file explorer, navigate to the pugixml-1.9/scripts/vs2017 folder and the compiled lib will be in that folder structure. Copy from there to OF / libs / pugixml / lib / vs / x64. (If you built in 64 bit) The pugixmld.lib is the Debug version of the lib.

Hope this helps!


@NickHardeman can you open an issue on the apothecary github with this info?

Hey @arturo, looks like there’s already one open here :slight_smile: :

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oh thanks! :slight_smile:

For anyone that needs them until this issue is solved within oF,
here are the compiled 64bit binaries (VS2017):

copy them into oF / libs / pugixml / lib / vs / x64