Psychedelic app for live show: porting from as3 to of

Hello OF community,

my name is Daniele and I am a computer programmer and musician based in Torino, Italy.

I’ve discovered some time ago openframeworks studying C++/OpenGL but since right now I did’t get the chance to put my hands on it, now I did a try and I’m very excited about the possibilities and performances.

Here is my request:

I did for my band - the “Space Aliens From Outer Space” - an interactive software with Adobe AIR to project a big kaleidoscope on stage, well, we do psychedelic music so it was very appropriate…

The result was pretty good and we still use it for live shows, but now we want port it to a more powerful environment to furter extend it (controlling it by MIDI, get multiple screen, motion capture, lazers, smokes, mirrorballs, starships and so on… )

I will be very happy if someone could help me porting this actionscript project to openframeworks.

I want put it on git as an open source project, as I did it with the as3 version.

The collaborators will receive some merchandise and they will be credited on the website.

If you are intrested, please drop me a line and take a look at the website:

(the landing page has an embedded version of the app)

The actionscript project is available here:
KaleidoscopeAir on github

Best wishes,


I don’t know If I could have time to help you, but you can already have a look on ofxFx; it contains a kaleidoscope effect, and I already port easily it on openframeworks.


Count me in.

@vj_dudley_smith thanks for pointing me to ofxFx, very impressive stuffs, I will take a look on it.
I did some tests with shaders and I found them very powerfull in terms of performances, I get the concept but I miss some good documentation place (or maybe a good book) to start coding them…'m a programmer but sometime I get lost in math and trigonometry…

@xumo thank-you very much, I will contact you soon!


If you just need kaleidoscope, you will not need math or trigo.
With ofxFx, you will have the benefit to use without knowing, examples are ok.

But I feel you’re hungry for more :wink:

Good luck

Yes, you’re right, in italian we say “L’appetito vien mangiando”, that means something like “You get more hungry when you start eating”…

About ofxFX, I’ve downloaded the sources but I need to understand how configure addons (on codeblocks, I work on windows 7), but this is out of topic, if I will not find a way by myself, I will open a new thread…


just a quick note that ofxPostProcessing

also has a kaleidoscope effect, worth checking out…